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SmartMS simplifies communication between patients and medical professionals and maintains personal MS record, accessible at any place and any time.

Information Portal

Chronic disease gives a negative impact on the physical, psychological and social life of patients?

Simplicity of communication between the patient and medical professionals through SmartMS helps them to deal with the disease in an appropriate way.

Information portal provides a complete and actual information about MS, treatment methods , rules of prescribing disease modifying drugs, different options for symptomatic treatment, rehabilitation and methods of alternative medicine.

Information portal contains information from leading medical journals and it also could be helpful for users in order to receive information for events concerning MS. The website serves as a training platform for MS patients, designated to make them active participants in the process of disease management.

Personal health record

In the personal health record patient can fill in data about diagnosed diseases, medical examinations, results of laboratory tests, allergies, therapy in conjunction with MS and accompanying diseases. In the personal health record can be stored all the information about health condition of the patient. Information from personal health record will be available for sharing with medical specialists at any time.

Personal MS record

Very useful part of personal MS health record is archive of all past examinations: blood test, antibodies examinations, IMR, visual and auditory evoked potentials etc.

Archived data is automatically classified and is available at any time for both - patient and medical specialist.

Self-assessment of MS severity can be performed by using international standard scale for quantifying patient’s degree of disability. This scale is known as PDDS and allows patient to tracks himslef how his/her symptoms develop over time. When using this scale patient is supported with additional information and instructions.

Reminders and messages

Each patient has available:

  • Information regarding the possibility to receive medicines, which are paid by National Health Insurance Fund;
  • Tips for devising health plan;
  • Tools for planning medical visit;
  • System for planning examinations used by the specialized clinics;
  • Reminders via SMS, email or mobile applications.


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