Support for patients with multiple sclerosis and medical specialists

SmartMS is web based electronic information system for monitoring, aid, registration and therapy of MS patients.

SmartMS provides solutions for MS management

SmartMS and multiple sclerosis

People with the diagnose MS and their families are facing many unknowns. Reduced vision, limited mobility, emotional problems and many other symptoms are only part of the challenges in dealing with the disease.

In response to these challenges, SmartMS works in co-ordination with ”Association of movement disorders and multiple sclerosis” as well as with “National Patients organization” and thus provides support to patients with multiple sclerosis and healthcare professionals engaged in the process of diagnosis and treatment of MS.

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National Patients organization



MS Patient

With care for MS patient

Awareness Knowledge base for MS accessible and updating in real time.

Care Structured questionnaire for symptoms development, therapy and lifestyle.

Observation Record of subjective symptoms, accompanying symptoms and monitoring of their progression.

Personalization Convenient interface, easy management of MS record, setting individual plan for disease management.

Interaction Real time secured connection between patients and medical specialists.

Planning Reminders for upcoming events: doctors visits, laboratory tests, necessary documents and other events regarding MS.

Mobility Mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Security User reports on allowed or denied requests for access to the system.

MS Specialist

SmartMS and medical specialists

Disease specific medical record
Clinical data, results of paraclinical tests and treatment data are conducted in a systematic way, allowing traceability of each indicator over time.

EDSS Calculator
The automated calculation of EDSS improves reliability and reduces varialability of the score.

Document flow
SmartMS facilitates and optimizes operational management of the administrative processes.

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MS Specialist
MS Statistics

Data evaluation and analysis

Health analysis
SmartMS is a powerful tool for statistical processing of collected and annomymized data, including cross-section analyzes by various criteria.

Evaluation of therapy effectiveness and quality of life.

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MS Statistics

Management and security

Personal MS file and medical records
Centralized management of information content.

Authentication and authorization of users and applications
SSL authentication by a single sign-in, without identification data transferring. Role based access control.

Standardized record
Nomenclatures , classificators and standardized forms for health indicators’ records.

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What do experts say about SmartMS?

  • "MS is a chronic inflammatory disease of the central nervous system, which is most commonly leading to chronic illness and disability in young people. Monitoring the course of MS disease involves a complex multifactorial information process with crucial importance of access to up-to-date information about the current health status of the patient."

    Academician Ivan Milanov, DSc
    Chairman of ‘’ The Association for Movment disorders and Multiple sclerosis’’

  • "The web based information system will provide a complex set of auxiliary services related to monitoring, registration, treatment and needs of patients with Multiple Sclerosis. SmartMS provides an appropriate support services to patients with multiple sclerosis and guides correctly the different aspects in the management of the disease. This will improve and better the quality of life of MS patients."

    DR. Stanimir Hasardjiev
    Chairman of the board of directors of “The National Patient organization’’

  • "SmartMS is an information system for clinical implementation, which is designated to better management of the disease. We developed a precise structure model and methodology to collect and process data and thus to provide information to all participants in the medical – diagnostic process and its management."

    Rumen Ivanov


  • How can I join the system?

    Joining the system is possible during the medical examination by a particular specialized neurological Commission. Patients who want to be registered in SmartMS are provided with information about the system, declaration - written consent for enrollment in the system and a copy of the general terms of SmartMS.

  • Which neurological Commission will work with the system?

    The system will be initially introduced in the specialized neurological Commission of Hospital” Sveti Naum” in Sofia. Subsequently there will be a possiblity to include all specialized commissions on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria to work with SmartMS.

  • How my personal data is secured?

    SmartMS is maintained and administrated by PMA-Pharma Marketing Advaisors. The Company has obtained a permission from the Commission for Personal data protection to maintain a register with the name ‘’SmartMS Patients’’ as an administrators of personal data. The overall content of the register, purposes for which the information will be used and measures for information content protection are reviewed and approved by the commission of personal data protection. Patients’ personal data will be accessible only to medical specialists who are directly involved in the treatment process and when patient writes- off from the system his/her personal data will be automatically deleted.

  • How data of individual patient is transferred when he/she changes specialized commission?

    In order to give access of data to another specialized commission the new commission should use SmartMS. Ensuring access of the Commission is based on an application form from the patient to PMA-Pharma Marketing Advisors. After processing the application form, next commission receives rights to access and lead the patient’s medical record. Next commission continues to lead the patient’s record by having full rights of access to all documents and data generated by the previous commission. The previous commission will no longer have rights to access the personal medical record of the patient after he\she switches the specialized commission.

  • Is using of the system linked up with financial commitment by the user?

    The system has different categories of users, but it is completely free of charge for patients.

  • What are the technical requirements for using the system?

    Accessing the system is possible simply by using a device which is connected to internet and have a browser installed.


XIV National Congress of Neurology

10 may 2015, Sunday

SmartMS was introduced at National Congress of Neurology to authoritative Bulgarian and foreign neurologist.

Qualified nurses that work with MS patients

13 mart 2015, Friday

SmartMS was introduced to nurses during the training sessions. Training module was held under the leadership of the Bulgarian Society of Neurology.

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