MS Statistics

System provides statistic data on: incidence rate, prevalence of the disease, quality of care, medical procedures, tests and costs associated with disease management.

Health analysis

It is verified in scientific literature that patient records facilitate patients’ healthcare, especially for those who belong to the group of rare and specific diseases.

Worldwide the number of patients with MS is more than 1 million people. MS is the most common neurological disease that affects young people and leads to disabling and therefore has a significant impact on health systems and economies of various countries in the world.

This determines the need for collection, systematization and analysis of data related to the disease. It is assumed, that the number of patients with MS in Bulgaria is about 5000, but the exact number is currently unknown due to the lack of a unified database.

Тhe spread of the disease is not yet established as well as the the distribution of its clinical forms and severity.

SmartMS is a powerful instrument for statistical processing of the collected and annomymized data, including cross-section analyzes by various criteria. Information can be obtained by allocation of patients by gender, age, mean age at onset of disease, region, etc. There is a possibility of cross-section analysis by various criteria specified by the user.

Monitoring of individual clinical cases

Information about dynamics and average annual change in the MS’ symptoms, laboratory tests and MRI results, for each patient.

Comparison between individual and national statistical health indicators.


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