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SmartMS supports work of medical professionals, allows them to generate medical records and optimizes management and treatment of the disease in each individual case.

Disease specific medical record

SmartMS maintains a disease specific medical record:

  • Easy access to medical information by the patient.
  • Easy calculation and comparisons of EDSS over time.
  • Record diagnosed diseases, medical examinations, lab test results, allergies, therapy in conjunction with MS.
  • Storing and managing documents and test results.
  • Sharing results of laboratory tests between patient and medical specialists.

Clinical data, results of paraclinical tests and treatment data are conducted in a systematic way, allowing traceability of each indicator over time. Thus, traceability of the disease symptoms is provided.

SmartMS allows monitoring of data and making decisions in real time.

Smart MS ensures a high degree of functional integrity and authenticity of the information.

By selecting patients from the patient list, regarding their scores of PDDS, EDSS, other clinical symptoms, therapy treatment or other criteria it is possible a rapid selection of patients and data for various research projects to be made.

EDSS calculator

Assessment scale of neurological status, known as the scale of Kurtzke, is a method for evaluation of eight functional systems and allows neurologists to determine their level of functionality. In SmartMS are used structured data entries of neurological status.

Assessment of any neurological system is clearly graded and uses the definitions of Kurtzke. By implementing appropriate algorithm, SmartMS makes automated calculations of the final EDSS score.

Assessment of the functional neurological deficit can be followed over the period of time for each individual patient and for each indicator and thus the resulting data can be compared with the average in the population at a given period of time.

Documents flow

SmartMS facilitates and optimizes operational management of administrative processes, associated with documents flow.

Based on the data entered, SmartMS generates a coupon for paraclinical examinations, temporary medical reports, expert opinions, reports and other documents.

SmartMS allows maintenance of work schedules and task lists for execution, which facilitates planning process of patients’ visitsand instead of making multiple phone calls.


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